Changelog for BuildCraft 6.1.5


Recipes for two new blocks: the Requester (used by robots to take requests for specific items) and Zone Planner (a highly advanced block used to mark large areas of land for robos to work on).
[[#2127](] Architect Tables now have a ?Mode? option. Setting it to Survival makes it ignore all unsupported/creative-only blocks when creating a Blueprint. (asie)
[[#2124](] Added debug options to print out the list of all registered schematics and facades. (asie)
[[#2107](] Gate/pipe/tile API changes - refer to the PSA! (asie)
Autodetection of simple blocks and fluids for schematics (asie)
Further improved miner robot ore detection (asie)
Gate Expansion IMC to let modders add custom gate expansion recipes (asie)
Huge network optimizations in the builder and laser, as well as general improvements in the mod (asie)
Improve redstone input handling (asie)
Improved translations for German (Vexatos), Italian (TheVikingWarrior) and Chinese (crafteverywhere)

Bugs fixed:

[[#2139](] Fully covered non-stained pipes crash the client (asie - with input from immibis)
[[#2135](] Certain facades which are Tile Entities crash Minecraft (asie - please note, however, that this will not whitelist any facades which are Tile Entities - some facades may disappear)
[[#2134](] Server crash when using the Builder (and Robots, etc.) in negative dimensions (asie)
[[#2131](] Stacked ice does not cool Combustion Engine (Prototik)
[[#2130](] Library on server gives only creative blueprints (also: broken builder schematic loading) (asie)
[[#2129](] Builder causes lag (also: too many packets sent by Builder) (asie)
[[#2128](] BuildCraft sends massive amounts of packets - important networking bugfix! (asie)
[[#2126](] Pipes with Gates may vanish and/or disappear in rendering when restarting world (asie)
[[#2122](] translation missing (asie)
[[#2119](] Blueprint folder paths not fixed if loading config on another OS (asie)
[[#2118](] Diamond gate parameters are not assigned in the correct order in GUI (asie)
[[#2117](] Blueprint Library does not write schematics over a certian size to blueprint (asie)
[[#2116](] Blueprint Library does not drop items when destroyed (asie)
[[#2112](] Kicked from server when installing robot (asie)
[[#2111](] Obsidian pipe crashes when arrow is shot onto it (asie)
[[#2105](] Proper Java 6 compatibility (asie)
[[#2104](] NPE TriggerParameterItemStack (asie)
[[#2044](] Oil generation not working (asie - with assistance from CovertJaguar)
Builder in survival mode did not send list of requirements until after it started building (asie)
Gate OR/AND logic swaps revert gates to Basic Gates (asie)
Hungarian translation broken (AEnterprise)
Lasers emit too many packets when idle (asie)
Requester GUI was off-center (asie)
Statement Parameters don?t handle Builder rotation properly (asie)