Hall of Fame

BuildCraft is brought to you by the following developers:

BuildCraft has also been brought to you by the countless people who have donated their time to the project:

  • SpaceToad
  • SirSengir
  • CovertJaguar
  • Krapht
  • hea3ven
  • cpw
  • SandGrainOne
  • Flow86
  • Player
  • asie
  • AEnterprise

as well as many other programmers and translators, far too numerous to list in full.

I'd also like to thank the many video makers, streamers and modpack developers who believe in the vision behind BuildCraft. Your public-facing support is also very appreciated.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who spent their valuable time and effort to find, document and help us fix bugs in the mod. We're not perfect and we make mistakes, and it's you who help us learn for the better.