Last updated: 13/02/2018

Depending on buildcraft

When BuildCraft 8 reaches beta the API will be stable until release, and we won't break things between alpha releases. However the maven is available now, at

4 different modules are available, "com.mod-buildcraft:buildcraft-api", "com.mod-buildcraft:buildcraft-lib", "com.mod-buildcraft:buildcraft-all", and "com.mod-buildcraft:buildcraft-main". For the correct version refer to the download page. Note that testing versions are not available this way.

Note that as of 7.99.20 the main maven release has been renamed from "buildcraft" to "buildcraft-all" because it now includes compat. There is a separate release for buildcraft's main modules now called "buildcraft-main".

(Full instructions for depending on buildcraft will be added when we reach beta.)

Depending on subprojects

As of 7.99.16 we have 1 subproject: the expression library. I cannot recommend using this unless there is a pressing reason why you:

  • Cannot depend on buildcraft lib itself
  • Don't want any of the other good options for an expression library.

This adds the "com.mod-buildcraft:buildcraft-libexpression" maven module. Refer to for all of the availible versions.