Last updated: 14/03/2019

We'll sometimes upload testing builds to the test directory. Please join the discord to properly discuss the changes or check on the status of bugs when downloading these, as they aren't stable and may be updated daily.

Pre-release builds

Before we properly release a version to the public we need to ensure that there aren't any regressions. Specifically everything that you used to be able to do should still work without crashing or being buggy. While we have some tests internally, these don't cover the entirty of what is possible. Additonally it's a lot harder to run tests with every existing mod to ensure that we remain compatable with them all. This is when we rely on others to check to make sure that newer mods don't crash. Usually just downloading the current prelease build and adding it to a copy of your current world and modset is sufficent for testing (and reporting any new bugs or crashes to github or discord that arise from this).

(The last prereleases have been left up for testing purposes)

New features or content

Sometimes before finishing a feature fully and merging it into mainline (so that it can be released fully alongside everything else) we'll upload 'in-progress' features as seperate download files. Unlike pre-release builds, these are very unstable, and may not work between updates or even as a repleacement for the current version. (There are no tests running of this type at the moment. In the future we'll release new engine mechanics and robots here)

BuildCraft 7.99.23: prerelease 1

Changelog for 7.99.23-pre1:

  • Raised the maximum power rate for the quarry from around 30 MJ/second to about 100 MJ/second.
  • Changed the page number colour of guide book pages to the same as the header to make it easier to focus on the main content.
  • Improved the guide book performance by collapsing highly varied items (like facades and covers) into a single page entry for searching.
  • Re-added JEI integration for the assembly table.
Bug fixes:
  • [#4359] Fixed a cache issue which caused items to disappear from transport pipes.
  • Made the pump a bit less likely to dupe fluids when sending them out to neighbouring blocks.
  • Fixed gui container and tile update packets not releasing some byte buffers properly
    • Note that this never actually caused a memory leak as all of these buffers were allocated as byte arrays rather than with native buffers.

Download 7.99.23-pre1:

Download the all-in-one jar, or in individual modules.