Changelog for BuildCraft 6.2.3


  • [#2248] Relicense BuildCraft API under MIT (asie)
  • [#1923] Quarry chunkloading can now be disabled (asie)
  • Updated translations: Japanese (tokoku-11), Portuguese (al-myr), Slovak (leSamo), Taiwanese (unoya)


  • [#2275] Crash with ChickenChunks (asie)
  • [#2274] Builder requirements list only gets loaded when power is supplied (asie)
  • [#2271] Combustion Engines cannot be fixed with wrench (asie)
  • [#2197] Stripes pipes do not pick up water and lava (asie)
  • Broken gate rendering for ItemStacks with color multipliers in slots (asie)
  • Quarries drop a frame block when broken (asie)