Changelog for BuildCraft 6.2.5


  • [#2288] Heavily optimized Zone Planners (both in CPU and network usage) (asie)
  • [#2270] Blueprint Libraries now refresh on GUI open (asie)
  • Pipes can now be colored with any tool implementing the Forge recolourBlock API, for example IC2 Painters or AE2 Color Applicators (asie)
  • Pipes can now have their color bleached with a water bucket (asie)
  • List buttons now have descriptive tooltips (asie)
  • Huge improvements to Robot rendering, especially at night (ganymedes01)


  • [#2298] Lists do not save settings (asie)
  • [#2295] The Tank runs the onBlockActivated() also on the client side (asie)
  • [#2289] Blueprints over ~32k do not work (asie)
  • [#2243] Builder excavation broken (asie)
  • Fluid blocks not autodetected correctly by Builder (asie)
  • IFluidContainerItem logic broken (asie)
  • Invalid coordinates for FakePlayers (asie)
  • Mining Well, Quarry and Spring sounds not restored since 4.2.2 (asie)
  • Minor blueprint bug (asie)


  • Better color choice for Blueprint Library GUI (asie)
  • Further preparations for BuildCraftCompat (asie)
  • More detailed builder error messages (asie)