Changelog for BuildCraft 6.4.0


  • Robots now actually use energy. Watch out. (hea3ven, asie)
  • Filler parameters. You can now configure patterns in more detailed ways! [WIP] (asie)
  • Additional pipe sealant recipe using slimeballs. (warlordjones)
  • Massive robot pathfinding improvements. (hea3ven)
  • Stripes pipe retraction with void pipes (hea3ven)
  • Stripes pipes can now put on armor and items on entities. (hea3ven)
  • Stripes robot. Yes. (hea3ven)


  • All the power bugs. (CovertJaguar, indirectly)
  • [#2472] Gravestones don't drop contents when mined (asie)
  • [#2469, #2456] Further crashes on pipe corruption (asie)
  • Many robot bugfixes (hea3ven)