Changelog for BuildCraft 6.4.3


  • Robot energy usage lowered by about 4-10 times, depending on task (asie, Kubuxu)
  • Robot carriers now try to fill their inventory before changing stations (Kubuxu)


  • [#2541] Refinery not accepting biomass (warlordjones)
  • [#2537] Knights don't attack certain mobs (Thog)
  • [#2528] Block-breaking robots go into sleep mode after destroying just one block (marcin212)
  • Charging table storing negative RF (asie)
  • Minor energy cooling fixes (viliml)
  • Picker robots try to move to the same block they're in (Kubuxu)
  • Planters ignoring Zone Planner areas (hea3ven)
  • Robot dupe when linked to non-main station (hea3ven)
  • Robot recharging slightly buggy (asie)
  • Robot sleep usage too high (asie)