Changelog for BuildCraft 7.1.0


  • Cobblestone Structure Pipes have a new recipe. (asie)
  • Quartz Fluid Pipes no longer connect to Cobblestone or Stone Fluid Pipes. This might break existing builds! (asie)


  • Core:
  • New Lists! (asie)
  • Sort by type, material, or both! Precise sorting!
    • See with a tooltip if an item matches the List!
  • Transport:
  • Clay fluid pipe! The power of insertion applied to liquids. (asie)
  • Power Adapters! Connect Kinesis Pipes to non-Kinesis pipes. (asie)


  • Core/Any:
  • Use integrated server data in singleplayer for certain tiles - back to the smoothness of 1.2.5! (asie)
  • Minor optimizations (asie, gamerForEA)
  • Builders:
  • New blueprint library GUI, now featuring a scrollbar! (asie)
  • Factory:
  • Chutes now support the Comparator (asie)
  • Less lag on Tank updating - new comparator update system (asie)
  • Robotics:
  • Rewritten robots request system (hea3ven)
    • Changed the IRequestProvider api to be independent of robots.
    • Delivery robots can now carry more than an item at a time.
    • Builders, requesters and docking stations can now request more than one item at a time.
  • Zone Planners now have a dynamic texture (asie)
  • Requesters now support the Comparator (asie)
  • Add events for robot interaction and removal (asie)
  • Fix robots not using the correct sides when accessing inventories/tanks (hea3ven)
  • Fix loading break ai from nbt (hea3ven)
  • Transport:
  • Filtered Buffers now support the Comparator (asie)
  • Lenses do not require Iron Ingots anymore (asie)
  • New power beam display algorithm (asie)
  • Rewritten pipe wires - should now propagate more or less instantly. (asie)
  • Debugger support for fluid pipes (asie)
  • Fluid pipe capacity and extraction rate now scales with the base flow multiplier. (asie)

Bugs fixed:

  • "Lens-Filter" diodes not working (asie)
  • Make Docking Station items look like the real thing (asie)