Changelog for BuildCraft 7.2.7


  • Map locations now require shift-clicking to clear before they can be set to use a new location

Bugs Fixed:

  • [#3307] Auto-workbench doesn't start crafting when items are inserted.
  • [#3311] Robots have problems with torches and partial/half blocks. (rapus95)
  • [#3320] Render error in the list GUI (XOR19)
  • [#3323] Quarry: Reports its location as the currently mined block, not the actual quarry
  • [#3349] Oil can sometimes poke through the bottom of the world.
  • [#3353] NPE in gate (pipe states; input/output only, opened/closed)
  • [#3355] Lasers render only from a specific angle (as with pumps & quarry before)
  • [FORUM] Pipe items not clearing up their openGL render data. Ever.
  • [?????] The flood gate doesn't update its texture when you block/unblock a side