Changelog for BuildCraft 7.99.13

Merry Christmas!

  • Chocolate fountains now spawn, containing "Melted Raw Chocolate Mix".
  • You can process chocolate in the "Chocolate seperator", and the "Chocolate Heat Exchanger"
  • You can send chocolate off to Santa in exchange for power in the new chocolate engine.
  • We don't know what Santa does with it. Perhaps its for just in time Christmas presents?


  • [#3857] Re-added the config option to disallow infinite water pumping. Useful if a finite water mod is installed.
  • Added a new config option: "display.useSwappableSprites". This disables sprite swapping functionality, which is used by other config options (such as colourblind mode)
  • Fixes [#3894] Optifine texture incompatibility
  • Properly added config options for "itemRenderRotation", and "chunkLoaderLevel". The latter is technically just a boolean choice - only the quarry can chunkload at the moment.


  • Guide book contents JSON files no longer need a title element if they have an item_stack element, as the title will now be the item stack's display name.


  • The entire oil processing chain just vanished. Odd.
  • The combustion engine is useless now that all the oil has gone, so it has been removed, forever.

Bugs fixed:

  • [#3833] Missing lang entry for "Gelled Water" ( and "Water Gelifier" (
  • [#3853] Pipe item models have the incorrect lighting.
  • This might be altered in the future, as they are very dark now. Voice feedback on this please!
  • [#3854] The architect table crashes if placed next to landmarks.
  • [#3867] The chute inserts into living entities (so players or zombies, for example)
  • [#3861] The filler has the missing block model in-world.
  • Some modules accidently had hard dependencies on others when they shouldn't
  • [#3858] Core depends on Builders
  • [#3873] Lib depends on Silicon
    • Silicon depends on factory
  • [#3874] Crash when breaking the heat exchanger
  • [#3882] All fluid blocks except for one showed the missing texture.
  • [#3884] Powering an obsidian transport pipe without any pipe connections crashes.
  • The heat exchanger doesn't output properly.
  • [#3925] Gates do not activate/deactivate redstone signals properly for farther blocks.