Changelog for BuildCraft 7.99.14


  • [#3964] Add a config option to change the max fluid pumping distance (Yuki-nyan).
  • Currently this is limited between 16 and 128. The default is the old limit - 64.


  • The christmas event is over
  • Chocolate based names have been replaced with oil based ones.
  • A config option has been added (events.christmas_chocolate) to enable or disable the event.

API (code) Changes:

  • IPipeRegistry.createItemForPipe now registers the returned items with forge, so that addons don't have to.
  • Added IPipeRegistry.createUnnamedItemForPipe is similar to IPipeRegistry.createItemForPipe
  • With one exception: the caller must set the registry, unlocalised, and creative tabs.
  • This is accomplished by providing a Consumer in order to set the properties.
  • [#3945] Added PipeEventTileState fired by certain functions inside TileEntity
  • Contained subclasses:
    • Invalidate: fired during TileEntity.invalidate()
    • Validate: fired during TileEntity.validate()
    • ChunkUnload: fired during TileEntity.onChunkUnload()
  • Added to allow the addon Additional Pipes to properly port the teleport pipe.

Bugs fixed:

  • [#3891] The quarry sometimes goes into an infinite loop when calculating frame positions.
  • [#3937] Disabling the facade item crashes the game.
  • [#3944, #3965] The autoworkbench doesn't clear its old items properly, leading to buggy behaviour with containing items (such as buckets)
  • [#3948] The autoworkbench doesn't craft fireworks properly when multiple things attempt to craft the same item.
  • [#3886] The combustion engine doesn't move fluid containers around properly, either duplicating or voiding items and fluids.
  • [#3869] Texture flickering and FPS drop on mining well when it's complete - likely turning on and off rapidly
  • [#3953] Land and path markers are visible from all dimensions.
  • [#3987] The obsidian pipe can connect to itself.
  • [#3970] Disabling chunkloading, quitting, and then re-enabling and loading a world crashes.