Changelog for BuildCraft 7.99.16


  • Most of the pipe pluggables have been moved from transport to silicon
  • Specifically the gates, light sensor, facades, pulsar, lenses, and filters.
  • This shouldn't cause any issues if you're using at least both transport and silicon already


  • Item pipes now send the item all the way into a block, rather than stopping when then item is half-way in.
  • [#4062] The gate GUI now allows equal actions to be assigned to trigger slots, and vice versa.
  • Currently this means the following can be converted:
    • Trigger "Redstone Signal is on" <-> Action "Turn On Redstone Signal"
  • Added functionality to allow pipe behaviours and flows to change how a pipe's colour is shown
  • Also allows any PipeDefinition to disallow colouring completely.
  • Structure pipes now render their colours as a border, rather than the hidden translucent colour.
  • Added a new option: fluid pipes can switch between translucent colouring, and bordered colouring.
  • Added code to the API to allow pipes to render multiple sprites, each with their own colour.
  • See PipeBehaviour.getTextureData(EnumFacing side) and PipeFaceTex to details.
  • Added a config option to allow disabling client-side sprite animations.

Ported content:

  • The stripes pipe can now extend and retract pipes properly.

Bug fixes:

  • Item versions of pipes and paint-brushes didn't render their colours properly.
  • The trigger parameters for pipe signals don't work properly.
  • [#4031] Tanks that disallow connections via the new canConnectTo(tank) method doesn't render properly.
  • [#4067] The heat exchanger sometimes crashes when looking around for adjacent heat exchangers.
  • [#4100] The filler GUI doesn't resize itself properly.
  • [#4115] The heat exchanger doesn't render fluids in the correct place, nor does it update the model when the multiblock is complete.
  • [#4119] Not all pipe upgrade recipes are reversable.