Changelog for BuildCraft 7.99.17


  • [#4135] Made Heat Exchanger process arbitrary amounts of fluid.

Ported content:

  • (Most) items now show multiple items per stack when travelling in a pipe if the stack had more than a single item.
  • [#4080] Re-added the config option to change the rate of oil well generation and generation of a spout.
  • [#4149] Ported the paintbrush recipe.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed all item pipes having an implict speedup. (Most buildcraft item pipes explicitly do this, so this doesn't really affect normal builds).
  • Fix cobblestone item pipes sending items about 4 times as fast as they should.
  • Fix stone item pipes not explicitly slowing down items
  • Change sandstone item pipes to match stone item pipes.
  • Fixed item pipes allowing multi-tile tickers to send items down pipes faster then normal
  • This is primarily a fix for tickers that don't also speed up the client. (Also this sort of speedup behaviour probably won't work with potential future optimisations)
  • Fixed chutes having a huge pull radius. Use powered obsidian pipes for that.
  • [#3477] Only the wooden pipe attempts to always face a valid direction.
  • (This only affects the iron pipe in buildcraft, however addon pipes that extend PipeBehaviourDirection but don't allow the centre will benefit from this).
  • [#4014] Gate recipes in the assembly table don't check the NBT of the gate provided.
  • [#4082] Fluids can no longer be mined by Mining Well
  • [#4124] The direction of an iron pipe cannot be changed by clicking the centre unless the pipe is already facing a direction.
  • [#4138] Dupe bugs everywhere with tiles and GUI's. No more details here, as it's an exploit.
  • [#4141] The recipe for the pipe plug requires the quarry to exist, rather than the structure pipe.
  • This is only a partial fix for the entire issue, which encompasses all recipe mismatches.