Changelog for BuildCraft 7.99.18

Ported content:

  • [#4162] Re-added the quarry mining multiplier. Now this applies to everything in buildcraft that breaks a block.
  • This doesn't allow configuring for each machine individually at the moment, but it seems reasonable to add something like that if someone asks.

Breaking changes:

  • Removed JSON-based assembly and integration recipes. These were never hooked up to the config folder and they will be done properly later with the MJ changes.


  • Re-added the list recipe as a crafting recipe, at least until the new assembly table API is finished.


  • Pressing F3+T while in the guide book will reload it in-place.
  • The config files are saved more often during init, which should help when you need to change a config option just to boot the game but can't because the config file is empty.
  • The github issue link shown in the open-world warning message now prefills some useful information.
  • Rotating the heat exchanger now also rotates the adjacent heat exchangers.
  • The guide book's contents page now lists all of the BC modules loaded.
  • A plus before the name indicates that the module has guide elements, a minus the opposite.

Bug fixes:

  • [#4133] The fluid triggers relating to percentage of a tank filled don't recognise gaseous fluids properly.
  • [#4245] Random stack trace caused by a null world in a WorldTickEvent.
  • [#4249] The guidebook gui lags when it is opened.
  • [#4257] Oil biome generation crashes if the biome registry doesn't contain the oil biomes.
  • This is normally caused when connecting to a server that doesn't have buildcraft installed.
  • Fixed gates sometimes not correctly synchronising the light on the gate when it is first turned on.
  • Fixed a few recipes requiring the quarry to be present, rather than itself.
  • Fixed GuiScreenBuildCraft not passing on tick()'s to child listeners. Only affects addon developers, as BC itself doesn't use this class for anything yet.
  • Fixed the quarry not using the config option "quarryFrameMinHeight".
  • Made a lot of tiles mark the containing chunk as dirty every tick. This should fix all of the strange dupe-on-save-load bugs.