Changelog for BuildCraft 7.99.20

Breaking changes:

  • The flood gate no longer uses the open sides to determine the sides to fill out in-world. (AlexIIL)


  • Re-added JSON-based assembly recipes, and made them load from "/config/buildcraft/assembly_recipes_pre_mj" folder. (AlexIIL)
  • Currently they will crash the game if any errors are detected in any of the json files - although it will print out every error before crashing.
  • The "pre_mj" bit is important - these assembly recipe formats will change in the future MJ update, so please don't create a lot of them or you will just have to rewrite them in the future.
  • Integration table recipes haven't been re-added though.
  • Added a config option for tweaking the maximum depth that the mining well, quarry, and pump can extend their tubes. (AlexIIL)
  • This is called "general.miningMaxDepth" and can be changed from anywhere between 32 and 4096.
  • (Values above 256 make no difference in vanilla, this is primarily for Cubic Chunk support)
  • Added the command "/buildcraft reload" which reloads all buildcraft data registries. (AlexIIL)
  • In 1.13 this will be merged into the vanilla minecraft "/reload" command.
  • This currently doesn't reload client-side registries, although you can still reload the guide page registry by using F3+T while in the guide GUI.
  • Added an advancement for the guide book recipe.


  • [meta] BuildCraftCompat is now included in an "all" jar file (named "buildcraft-all-7.99.20.jar").
  • The previous "buildcraft-7.99.19" jar file has been renamed "buildcraft-main-7.99.20.jar"
  • As such the compat module will have the same version number as the rest of buildcraft
  • In addition it no longer has a separate changelog.
  • Many improvements to the guide book:
  • The open book now shows more visibly if you are on the first or last page in the current chapter.
  • Made the next page and previous page buttons have a much bigger clickable area.
  • Added a second guide book for configuration information. It doesn't have a recipe because it isn't useful in the game
    • This implies that you can add your own additional guide books, although there's not much point in doing so because addons should continue to use the main book "buildcraftcore:main"
    • Alternative guide books can be created by running /give @a buildcraftlib:guide 1 0 {BookName: "domain:path"}
  • Added groups: related entries. Currently these can only be specified through code.
  • Auto-add a chapter with the name of the page entry at the very start (so that we don't need to do this manually)
  • Auto-add the relevant groups and recipes to the end of every page entry. Recipes won't be auto-added if they have been manually specified earlier in the entry.
  • The page title has been changed to brown rather than black, so that it stands out less than the actual text.

Ported content:

  • [#4299] Re-added the power requested trigger (therealfarfetchd)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the quarry, pump, and mining well not digging below Y=0 when cubic chunks is installed. (AlexIIL)
  • Slightly fix the quarry being slower than it should be - it's now a tiny bit faster than it used to be. (AlexIIL)
  • Fixed the pump and flood gate not working correctly with gaseous fluids. (AlexIIL)
  • [#4044] Vanilla flowing water blocks are invisible with BC installed (AlexIIL)
  • [#4296] The marker connector recipe requires buildcraft wooden gears rather than any item that has an ore-dictionary name of "gearWood" (AlexIIL)
  • [#4300] The obsidian pipe doesn't instantly pull in the entire stack of item entities that collide with it. (AlexIIL)
  • [#4305] Crash when rendering inside an enderIO gui. (AlexIIL)