Changelog for BuildCraft 7.99.21


  • [#4315] Allow the oil dimension and biome exclusion lists to be treated as whitelists instead.
  • Toggle either "worldgen.oil.excludedBiomesIsBlacklist" or "worldgen.oil.excludedDimensionsIsBlacklist" in order to change this.
  • Fix a few performance issues with all ticking buildcraft tiles and a few more engine specific issues.
  • Fix a few performance issues with the fluid pipes.
  • Add an advancement to unlock the list recipe when you have 7 or more items in a single diamond pipe filter.
  • Enabled several display config options by default: useBucketsStatic, useBucketsFlow, useLongLocalizedName, and changed timeGap to "seconds" rather than "ticks".

Bug fixes:

  • [#4297] Fixed the quarry ignoring the maximum build height when it is placed too high up.
  • [#4317] Fix a crash with little tiles because AlexIIL didn't implement a reflection getter correctly.
  • Fix silicon having an accidental dependency on transport. Again.
  • Fix fluid pipes not saving the current flow direction.
  • Fix all API names having uppercase characters. The old scheme was "BuildCraftAPI|", and the new scheme is "buildcraftapi_".
  • Theoretically fix the tank and pipe fluid renderer not always getting the fluid texture correctly.