Changelog for BuildCraft 7.99.22


  • Greatly improved the performance of the guide book loading.
  • Cleaned up the sorting buttons in the guide book.

Bug fixes:

  • [#4320] Fixed the quarry not picking up all surrounding items.
  • [#4324] Fix lib depending on core, silicon, and transport.
  • [#4325] Fixed the guide book's contents page not going back to the previous page when searching over the page count.
  • [#4328] Fix the guide always reloading all data twice, rather than once.
  • [#4331] Fixed the config option "useSwappableSprites" not being respected for fluid sprites.
  • [#4342] Fixed a crash when setting the oil well heights in the config to invalid values (such as small_max_height=10 and small_min_height=14)