Changelog for BuildCraft

Addon Related Changes:

  • Added PipeBehaviour.shouldForceConnection and PipeFlow.shouldForceConnection.
  • Allowed PipeFlowItems and PipeFlowFluids to connect to to any PipeFlow that implements IFlowItems or IFlowFluids.


  • The ownership ledger now shows the player's helmet ontop of the player's face.
  • Brought back the power pipe flowing animation from 7.2.x.

Bug fixes:

  • [#3762] Fixed pipe breaking particles using the missing texture and spawning in the wrong place.
  • [#4407] Fix a crash when a gate tried to set a filler's pattern (128-bit-guy).
  • [#4422] Fixed PipeFlowItems.insertItemsForce crashing if the "from" parameter was null.
  • [#4432] Added a config option to enable/disble the usage of stencils for the architect table. Should help prevent the builders module never loading on some computers.
  • [#4433] Crash when something sends an invalid tile update message that doesn't include the byte[] of message data.
  • [#4443] Added a much better workaround for the facade crash with tofucraft.
  • [#4450] Fixed a critical bug where pipe's caching logic could sometimes mean that minecraft blocks (like the furnace) had their inventories completely reset.
  • Fixed the builders config not loading at all.
  • Fixed the guide chapter list not always being visible (especially on resolutions other than 16:9)


  • Updated Russian translation (kellixon)