Changelog for BuildCraft


  • Made a few advancements obtainable:
    • Fluid Storage
    • Flooding the World
    • Draining the World
    • Oil Platform
    • Black Gold
    • Pipe Dream
    • Plugging the Gap
    • Pipe Logic
    • Extended Logic
    • Logic Transportation
    • Retired Hopper
    • Marking your territory
    • Defining the trail

Bug fixes:

  • [#4468] Stopped buildcraft tiles from uselessly logging that the client lacked ownership information (despite ownership only being used on the server).
  • [#4471] Fixed a crash when spawning block breaking particles in an invalid state.
  • [#4472] Add frame and mining box validation checks when the quarry is read from NBT.
  • [#4490] Fixed log spam when awarding the player an advancement for pumping out an oil well.