Changelog for BuildCraft


  • Added a lot of config options for how the quarry operates:
    • "quarryMaxTasksPerTick": The maximum number of tasks for the quarry to attempt per tick (where a task is either moving the frame, or mining a block).
    • "quarryTaskPowerDivisor": 1 divided by this value is added to the power cost for each additional task done per tick.
    • "quarryMaxFrameMoveSpeed": The maximum number of blocks that a quarry frame arm is allowed to move, per second. (0 is infinite)
    • "quarryMaxBlockMineRate": The maximum number of blocks that the quarry is allowed to mine each second. (0 is infinite)
  • Improved the performance of the pump a bit.
  • Improved the performance of the quarry event listener a lot.
  • Randomised the iteration order of quarries
    • This allows multiple stacked quarries to mine out different blocks at once, which looks a lot better than before.

Bug Fixes:

  • Add more information to the crash report to help issues like [#4513].
  • Only register oil biomes if they are enabled in the config, rather than always.
  • Fixed stirling engines "pausing time" when they reached overheat.
    • So now if something started to burn it will always continue burning out.
    • However the next item won't be started.
  • [#4526] Fix MessageUtil sharing a delayed queue with the server + the client.
  • [#4527] Fix the 2d filler patterns not rotating correctly.
  • [#4529] Fix some BC blocks with an inventory dropping more items then they should.
  • [#4530] Fix a crash when an item has an empty tooltip.