Changelog for BuildCraft 7.99.8


  • Added the fragile fluid shard: a single-use item that holds up to half a bucket of any fluid.
  • This is dropped by every buildcraft machine or pipe that holds fluids, which means that you no longer loose fluids by breaking a block with fluids inside.
  • This behaviour can be disabled (currently) only by disabling the fragile fluid item in objects.cfg
  • Addon devs can call the API method "buildcraft.api.items.FluidItemDrops.addFluidDrops"
  • Added the JSON gui system, which allows resource packs to customize the elements that are displayed in a gui.
  • This includes expressions, which can use pre-defined or newly created variables to change the position, size, etc of elements.
    • This (will) be fully documented at "'s"
  • The filler, filler planner, and gate gui's are currently the only ones that can be changed in this way.
  • Added a few new filler patterns, and consoildated all of the old ones into the new filler interface.
  • 2d patterns (that repeat the pattern along a certain axis) are marked with a little red "2".
  • Re-added engine power stage triggers.


  • Right-clicking with a fluid container now interacts with all BC tiles that contain fluids, not just a small few.
  • Now its much easier to manually process fluids through the new refining process.
  • Extra debug info (F3 + looking at a BC block + in creative) now works on remote worlds (dedicated servers or someone else's LAN game)
  • Expand the contents of the guide.
  • [#3555] Add additional filler patterns (Circle, sphere, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon)
  • [#3807] Greatly improved laser targeting performance.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed the combustion engine not burning the last millibucket of fuels.
  • Fixed some bugs with the stripes pipe.
  • Re-added the action to face a certain direction.
  • [#3588] The filler doesn't work with land marks, nor could it be interacted with at all.
  • [#3727] Extraction item pipes only pull 1 item at a time, no matter how much power was inserted.
  • [#3729] Multiple fluid items cannot be filled or drained when right clicking on a tank.
  • [#3740] The quarry cannot handle non-breakable fluids.
  • [#3765] The quarry cannot handle blocks that place fluids when broken.
  • [#3776] The quarry spends a lot of time rechecking the area after going back to a previous position.
  • [#3800] Fixed tank comparator levels not working.