Changelog for testing/BuildCraft 7.99.19-pre5

This changelog is relative to the last released version, not the last prerelease!


  • Make the water gelifier craftable with 4 sand and a bucket of residue.
  • The recipe unlocks when you have sand in your inventory.


  • [#3966] Added config options to tweak the hight of oil spouts (sca)
  • [#4256] Added a config option to change oil's flamibility (sca)

Bug fixes:

  • [#3837] Oil spouts spawn in superflat (sca)
  • [#4263] The guide book contents page doesn't display the full item tooltips.
  • [#4268] Partial fix for crash when loading with headcrumbs.
  • [#4283] Limit the maximum number of guide book results to 1200 (Compared to some modpacks which have ~25000 results for 'a')
  • Optimise the water gel spearing algorithm so that it doesn't take a minute with large bodies of water.