Changelog for testing/BuildCraft 7.99.23-pre1

This changelog is relative to the last released version, not the last prerelease!


  • Raised the maximum power rate for the quarry from around 30 MJ/second to about 100 MJ/second.
  • Changed the page number colour of guide book pages to the same as the header to make it easier to focus on the main content.
  • Improved the guide book performance by collapsing highly varied items (like facades and covers) into a single page entry for searching.
  • Re-added JEI integration for the assembly table.

Bug fixes:

  • [#4359] Fixed a cache issue which caused items to disappear from transport pipes.
  • Made the pump a bit less likely to dupe fluids when sending them out to neighbouring blocks.
  • Fixed gui container and tile update packets not releasing some byte buffers properly
    • Note that this never actually caused a memory leak as all of these buffers were allocated as byte arrays rather than with native buffers.