The stablest!

This is (hopefully, assuming no more major bugs hit us) the final 6.4 series release, as we focus all of our work and free time into BuildCraft 7. Grab it (that is, 6.4.3, not BC7) here!



  • Robot energy usage lowered by about 4-10 times, depending on task (asie, Kubuxu)
  • Robot carriers now try to fill their inventory before changing stations (Kubuxu)


  • [#2541] Refinery not accepting biomass (warlordjones)
  • [#2537] Knights don't attack certain mobs (Thog)
  • [#2528] Block-breaking robots go into sleep mode after destroying just one block (marcin212)
  • Charging table storing negative RF (asie)
  • Minor energy cooling fixes (viliml)
  • Picker robots try to move to the same block they're in (Kubuxu)
  • Planters ignoring Zone Planner areas (hea3ven)
  • Robot dupe when linked to non-main station (hea3ven)
  • Robot recharging slightly buggy (asie)
  • Robot sleep energy usage too high (asie)