This is the new logo of BuildCraft!

Hello! After months of hard work, I'm happy to finally announce the release of an early beta of BuildCraft 7, so that our users can see the extent of the new changes. The most important one is a full retexture done by CyanideX - give him a round of applause!

Another very important change is modularization: BC is back into separate modules again - we will package them this way after some testing, though.

There are many other changes included, and we will post the changelog as soon as we have a stable release. For now, you can download it here!

WARNING: This version is unstable and might contain breaking changes, as we could not test it perfectly yet. Please use it on a new world and/or make backups. Forestry, BCA, BC addons and Logistics Pipes versions compatible with BuildCraft 7 will come out when the branch becomes stable.

EDIT: JAR fixed. Sorry for the troubles.

Have some screenshots!