BuildCraft 7.99.15 has been released! We've re-added the power adaptor (from kinesis pipes to wooden extraction pipes, not RF <-> MJ). We've also improved the guide book, and made using the autoworkbench less of a pain to properly automate. In addition, BuildCraft Compat 7.99.14 has been released, adding the apiarists pipe (provided that your version of forestry is up-to-date). Note that you cannot use compat 7.99.13 with buildcraft 7.99.15, as a few things changed internally.

Between this release and the last we've updated a few of the pages. Specifically the roadmap is now public, and the maven dependency information has been updated. There's also the experimental pages for changelogs and complete download links, availible for BuildCraft in html form or folder form, and BuildCraftCompat in html form, and folder form. Those pages aren't final, but they still might be useful.

BuildCraft 7.99.15 Changelog:


  • Ported the power adaptor
  • Added (code) functionality for addons to stop custom tanks from connecting to other tanks.


  • Phased facades can now only be fully hollow or not. This breaks the current facade API.


  • The debugger item can now be used in survival to view the F3 debug info on buildcraft blocks (previously this required creative mode)
  • The guide book now has a search bar.
  • Guide book entries can be any object, rather than just item stacks.
  • You can now specify "source" and "type" for changing the type.
  • Currently triggers and actions are the only additions. The type is "buildcraft:statement", and the source is a registry name of a statement (trigger or action)
  • Unfortunately the only way of finding out a statement's ID is via the source code. Woops.
  • Added the "has work" capability (and implicitly the has work trigger) to the distiller.
  • The autoworkbench now shows its filters per slot, and distributes the filters evenly so that the most number of crafting operations can occur
  • For example, when crafting a dispenser (which needs 8 cobblestone, 1 bow and 1 redstone) this will filter 1 slot for cobblestone, 1 for redstone, and 8 for bows as bows cannot stack.
  • Filtered inventories no longer loose the item when loading from disk if the item does not match the filter.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix torches being placable on pipes (without any pluggables that they could rest on).
  • Fix fluid tanks sometimes leaving a visible gap between the above and below tanks.
  • Fix the quarry not loading enough chunks.
  • Fix the filler and builder not using power smoothly.
  • Fix gates not saving the currently emmited wires, leading to buggy state cells.
  • Fix the list item not populating examples from all items at once.
  • Fix the quarry not checking to see if it is facing directly away from a marker box.
  • Fix the guide book swapping "matchNbt" and "matchMeta".
  • Fix the builder and filler using up power unevenly.
  • [#3954] Chisel facades don't render correctly.
  • [#3977] The filtered buffer doesn't work properly with inventory level triggers.
  • [#3981] Placing a pipe wire will also interact with a gate.
  • [#3989] The Auto Workbench accepts items not used in its recipe.
  • [#3994, #3995] Facades are sometimes solid even when they shouldn't be.
  • [#4022] Gates don't save their current wire, leading to buggy state cells.

BuildCraft Compat 7.99.14 Changelog:


  • Added a bee handler for lists.
  • Ported the apiarist's pipe (Thanks to Nedelosk for adding the relevent code to forestry)
  • This is only present if forestry or later is installed.
  • This is mostly identical to forestry's new genetic filter, with a few exceptions:
    • This pipe doesn't have a buffer.
    • If a rule is "anything" then that direction has a lower priority.


  • BuildCraft 7.99.15 for Minecraft 1.12.2 here, or in modular form here.
  • BuildCraftCompat 7.99.14 for Minecraft 1.12.2 here.