BuildCraft 7.99.16 has been released! This fixes a few things, and adds some pipe related code for addons to use. Similar to how this is more than 2 weeks since the promised 7.99.16 on april 1st, the 1.10.2 build probaby won't be releasing quite as soon as was originally promised. Unfortunately this doesn't have the assembly table GUI teased on April fool's day, but it will be in a future release.



  • Most of the pipe pluggables have been moved from transport to silicon
  • Specifically the gates, light sensor, facades, pulsar, lenses, and filters.
  • This shouldn't cause any issues if you're using at least both transport and silicon already


  • Item pipes now send the item all the way into a block, rather than stopping when then item is half-way in.
  • [#4062] The gate GUI now allows equal actions to be assigned to trigger slots, and vice versa.
  • Currently this means the following can be converted:
    • Trigger "Redstone Signal is on" <-> Action "Turn On Redstone Signal"
  • Added functionality to allow pipe behaviours and flows to change how a pipe's colour is shown
  • Also allows any PipeDefinition to disallow colouring completely.
  • Structure pipes now render their colours as a border, rather than the hidden translucent colour.
  • Added a new option: fluid pipes can switch between translucent colouring, and bordered colouring.
  • Added code to the API to allow pipes to render multiple sprites, each with their own colour.
  • See PipeBehaviour.getTextureData(EnumFacing side) and PipeFaceTex to details.
  • Added a config option to allow disabling client-side sprite animations.

Ported content:

  • The stripes pipe can now extend and retract pipes properly.

Bug fixes:

  • Item versions of pipes and paint-brushes didn't render their colours properly.
  • The trigger parameters for pipe signals don't work properly.
  • [#4031] Tanks that disallow connections via the new canConnectTo(tank) method doesn't render properly.
  • [#4067] The heat exchanger sometimes crashes when looking around for adjacent heat exchangers.
  • [#4100] The filler GUI doesn't resize itself properly.
  • [#4115] The heat exchanger doesn't render fluids in the correct place, nor does it update the model when the multiblock is complete.
  • [#4119] Not all pipe upgrade recipes are reversable.


  • 7.99.16 for Minecraft 1.12.2 here, or in modular form here
  • Note that BuildCraftCompat 7.99.14 works with this version, so you don't need to update that seperatly.

This is also the first release of the expressions subproject. It's not meant for normal use, but it's released. More details can be found on the maven page.