BuildCraft has been released! This ports the gate copier and engine chaining, fills out the guide book somewhat, plus an important bugfix for automated crafting tables.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix the heat exchanger passing a null fluid when auto-outputting an empty tank.
  • Fix kinesis pipes never configuring on the client, which cause client-side engine rotation to not work correctly.
  • [#4385] Fixed the autoworkbench duping leftover tools.


  • Ported Engine Chaining:
    • Attach up to 3 stirling or 5 combustion engines together in a line to form a chain.
    • "Chained" engines send power directly to their destination.
    • Redstone engines cannot be chained.
  • Ported the Gate Copier
    • This doesn't perform any validation on the copied triggers and actions at the moment.
    • It is made in an assembly table from a wrench and an iron chipset.
  • Added oil generation debug logging:
    • Enable some logging by adding "" to your launch arguments.
    • Enable all logging (very spammy) by adding "" instead of the above to your launch arguments.
  • Updated Chinese translation. (SampsonnZ)
  • [BuildCraftGuide#2] Added some transport, silicon, triggers, and actions documentation to the guide book (LuigiHutch)


  • for Minecraft 1.12.2 buildcraft-all-, or in modular form here
  • Compat is included in the full jar file, so there's no need to download it separately!