NOTE: The previous release of 7.1.22 didn't have language files, however that has now been fixed (as of 02/06/2017)

BuildCraft 7.99.4 for Minecraft 1.11.2 has been released, with (many) fixes and additions.


  • The architect table and the builder block should work a lot better now
  • Auto workbench
  • Advanced crafting table


  • Many crashes
  • Oil tendrils not being generated

You can download it here!

BuildCraft 7.1.22 includes a few bugfixes from the community:

  • [#3542] Fix crash when a machine clicks on a gate (piotrekli)
  • [#3611] Concurrent exception thrown when wiring or updating MapWorld (AlexIIL)

You can download it here!

Although we have lost the forums, we have decided to move to the subreddit! To start things off, we'd like ideas for what the new advancements that buildcraft will get for minecraft 1.12 - you can find the discussion here.