BuildCraft 7.99.5 for Minecraft 1.11.2 has been released! This fixes a lot of bugs, and allows for refining oil into all of the different fuels! Don't void residue just yet though, it will have uses in the future.

HOTFIX 7.99.6: Fixes missing recipes for kinesis pipes


  • The filler isn't quite so useless anymore, but still WIP
  • Added the heat exchanger multiblock, allowing full refining!
  • Allow all kinesis pipes to send unlimited power. (Wait, this is a bug isn't it? Either way kinesis pipes are now enabled)

Bugs Fixed:

  • [#3695] 2 of 4 combustion engines hooked to Quarry building up energy perpetually
  • [#3687] Crash when breaking rotated quarry
  • [#3683] Redstone activated markers not showing correct connectable distance
  • [#3681] Emerald Pipe
  • [#3680] Quarry tries to mine Bedrock
  • [#3678] Volume Box not resizeable or removable
  • [#3676] Crash when loading the game
  • [#3675] Crash with CofH Mod Collection
  • [#3651] Crash when using obsidian pipes
  • [#3650] Server crash when building oil Station in oil field.
  • [#3647] Issues with Builders module
  • [#3644] Crash after post init
  • [#3640] crash when generating terrain
  • [#3637] Mining Well can't connect to Wooden pipe
  • [#3635] The quarry doesn't chunkload its working area.
  • [#3632] Incorrect name: Wooden Diamond Fluid Pipe
  • [#3631] Cannot Open Combustion Engine UI While Holding Item
  • [#3613] Gates do not output a redstone signal
  • [#3588] Filler not working
  • [#3555] Implement additional filler patterns
  • [#3499] Whole suite of issues
  • [#3177] Add custom item stack handling options for the Filler
  • [#2796] Filler's issue
  • [FC] Pipes sometimes disconnect from their neighbours when loading their chunk

Fixed in 7.99.6:

  • Kinesis pipes don't have a recipe
  • [#3706] Guide can't handle non-square custom viewable recipes

You can download it here, or in modular form here. Additionally the maven repository can be found here

There are also 2 resource packs availible to download:

  • For stopping buildcraft fluids from animating (which helps a lot if your client starts lagging with buildcraft here
  • For bringing back the legacy textures (pre 7.x) here