Dear all,

As you might have seen over the past few weeks, BuildCraft development intensity has dramatically decreased, along with my involvement in the community. This is due to a clear diminution of my time, both for personal and professional reasons. Everything is going great on these two ends, nothing to worry about, but I'm no more able to commit to the 15+ hours of work per week on BuildCraft that I have been putting together over the first 9 months of the project.

From the very beginning, this project has been designed to be community driven. This was one of the main reason why it has been Open-Source to start with, and why lot of work has been put together to allow people to sub-mod it. Time has now come to go to the next step, that is actually giving the development responsibility to a community of developers.

Krapht and SirSengir have volunteer to take over and co-lead the project. You probably know them from the amazing work they've done on the Logistic Pipes and Forestry mods. They're probably among those who have the best understanding of the code internals. Please join me in welcoming them at the head of the BuildCraft mod!

The team will probably evolve over time. I will stay around for a long time, passing code expertise around and implementing couple of features. In particular, there is work to do in the SMP area that definitely fall down in my court. I will also continue to administrate the website.

Cheers all,

  • SpaceToad