Yes, the BuildCraft 8.0 Announcement was an April Fools joke. Except it wasn't entirely a joke.

  • The Glass Pipes were, are and will remain a joke in their current form. However, there's a Japanese mod out there called "BuildCraft Collections" which has a similar item pipe!
  • The power system was created as a joke, but you've shown so much support for it that I have open-sourced it under the "8.0.x-power" branch. If you want to do something with it, go ahead! The only things missing are transformers exploding on too much input and pipe sealant-based insulation.
  • The item clogging was adapted from Charset pipes as an experiment, it is not, however, likely to stay in BuildCraft (this includes things such as "items preferring to go straight") - we are aware of the item dropping issues, however, and want to find a compromise solution that makes everyone happy! After discussions with some of the BuildCraft oldbies, we might adopt a different solution to the issue of dropping items lagging the server. Generally, I feel more and more that BuildCraft should stay BuildCraft-y.
  • All of the other announcements are either real or likely to happen eventually in BuildCraft's roadmap.

There! If you liked the power system, don't cry - adapt it and show us what you can make out of it! We might turn it into a BuildCraft addon at some point in time, though maybe you can beat us to it? Who knows!

Thank you for hanging out with us for this year's April Fools!

PS. Also, I'm giving back maintenance of BuildCraft to AlexIIL. I will be around for design/bugfixing assistance, however I have decided I am well and truly not fit for BuildCraft anymore.