Time to bump BuildCraft 7 to an "RC" state: that is, we think it's stable, but we can't be sure. We're also updating BC 6 to 6.4.16 with another few tiny fixes. I personally encourage packs to start adopting BC 7; however, keep in mind that Forestry will need a TBA update and Logistics Pipes will remain incompatible for quite some time.

Grab them here, as usual.

In other news, I'm going to be taking a break from BuildCraft development and parts of the Internet in general. Don't worry, it's not your fault. I trust hea3ven to do anything he believes is necessary in BuildCraft development for now.

EDIT: If that hasn't been clarified enough: BuildCraft is safe. Not bringing too much attention to this because you as the end user shouldn't care. Just let me go and stay go.


BuildCraft 6.4.16 Stable

Bugs fixed:

  • [#2726] Crash with TileGenericPipe (asie)
  • [#2715] Attempt RailCraft anchor robot fix (hea3ven) (fixed in a different manner in 7.0.x)
  • Shears dupe bug (asie)

BuildCraft 7.0.5 RC


  • Smooth robot animations (hea3ven)
  • New pipe plug/structure pipe/robot station textures (CyanideX, asie)
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Option to enable BC 3.6.0-esque (IC2-esque) power loss over distance for kinesis pipes (asie)


  • Improved helmet support for robots (hea3ven)
  • Tons of little optimizations to gate and lens rendering (asie)


  • Crafter robot (hea3ven, decided by asie)

Bugs fixed:

  • [#2726] Crash with TileGenericPipe (asie)
  • [#2710] Weird render for non 3d colored items in pipes (asie)
  • Lists only using the first stack per line (hea3ven)
  • Planter robot not being able to plant cactus (hea3ven)
  • Robots not having delay when equiping tools (hea3ven)
  • Robots destroying items when they fail to use them (hea3ven)
  • Shears dupe bug (asie)

BuildCraftCompat 7.0.3 RC


  • BluePower tube support (asie)
  • Witchery crop support (Thog92)