After tons of hope (and sometimes tears caused by their unlawful losses) of TCon users and especially Regrowth players, we have fixed the issue of multiple fluids mixing in one pipe and causing fluid losses!

Okay, I lied a bit - the fix is actually a workaround. But it works!

This should hopefully close down the last major issue of the 6.x BuildCraft series. But I said that for the last few releases, so I guess we'll see.

Grab this fluidly fluent release here!



  • Minor improvements to fluid pipe extraction, fillers and pipe icon handling (asie)


  • [#2564] BC pipes lose liquid when different fluids mix in them. (asie - thanks MatthiasM2 for the 6.4.x workaround)
  • Combustion engine not updating the fuel RF/t value (asie)
  • Error while loading robot resources (hea3ven)
  • Invalid engine rendering size (asie - introduced in 6.4.6)