We seem to be doing releases quite often for the 6.4 branch - moreso than 7.0! - but that's mainly because I want to close 6.4 once and for all, eventually. (Also, my spring break ends tomorrow, so the updates will probably slow down then.)

In the meantime, though, here is BuildCraft 6.4.8!



  • Pipes are now much more conservative about causing chunk re-renders (asie)
  • Rewrote fluid extraction pipe code to be more controllable (asie)
  • The [BuildCraft] fake player UUID is now output to console logs (asie)

Bugs fixed:

  • [#2616] Crash in specific usages of the Assembly Table (asie, TheLoneWolfling)
  • Robots change color after picking up a leaf block (hea3ven)

PS. A new BuildCraft 7 beta will come out. Eventually.