We fixed most of the bugs plaguing the 7.0.1 Beta, and did some improvements. Download here!

In other news, exactly four years ago, BuildCraft 1.4.1 (the first release, with five pipe types) was uploaded to SourceForge! Partytime! \o/


Everything from BuildCraft 6.4.12-6.4.13, and:


  • New crafting system, loosely inspired by Factorization CraftPackets. (asie, loosely inspired by neptunepink)
    • Create a Recipe Packager to package recipes into Packages with paper!
    • Add unfiltered slots to create dynamic recipes!
    • The stamping table will turn the Package into an actual recipe - with less energy usage!
    • Throw the packages at walls or enemies!


  • [#2627] Kinesis Pipes no longer connect to Chutes (asie)
  • Rewritten fluid pipes! (asie)
    • A lot less TPS lag!
    • Up to 3x less bandwidth usage!
  • Fluid Pipes and Tanks now emit FluidSpilledEvent (asie)
  • Rewritten Builder robot (hea3ven)
  • Improved Zone Planner UI - now has a fullscreen button (asie)


  • [#2661] Cannot run Transport without Silicon (asie)
  • [#2660] Planter places redstone repeater (hea3ven)
  • Fixed quarries, builders, electronic libraries, zone planners - all regressions added in 7.0.1 (asie)
  • Fixed coloring a pipe with a paintbrush not refreshing it (asie)
  • Fixes to robots (hea3ven)


  • The ACT. Still available, but no longer craftable. Will be removed at a later date.