Hopefully winding up this "hotfix hotfix hotfix" chain, hold another set of BuildCraft things. 7.0.20 brings bugfixes and 7.0.11 brings more compatibility!

You can download them here!


BuildCraft 7.0.20:

Bugs fixed:

  • Creative Only blueprints partially working in Survival worlds (asie)
  • Incorrect behaviour with Forestry/RailCraft engines (asie - workaround, actually bug on their side)
  • Logistics Pipes VerifyError crash (asie)
  • Overly dark water with non-sky lighting (asie)

BuildCraftCompat 7.0.11:


  • Support for Big Reactors reactors, turbines, etc. (asie)
  • Support for most of Factorization (excluding sculptures and hinges - including barrels though!) (asie)
  • Support for (small, single-block) parts of Immersive Engineering (connectors, structural arms, other minor things) (asie)
  • Support for RedLogic lamps and buttons (asie)


  • Speed up Immibis' Microblocks builder support loading (asie)