I'm sorry that there hasn't been an update to BuildCraft for a while. Users closer to the modding community probably know why and the rest of you don't need to worry about it, I'll just re-iterate one thing: BuildCraft is (mostly) safe. Don't worry, keep playing the mod. The updates might slow down for a little while, though.

Since the 7.1 Beta won't be coming out to stability any time soon, I have backported the less intrusive changes from it to BuildCraft 7.0 for you to enjoy. On top of that, I have done some serious energy system changes in BC 7.1.2 Beta - check them out! Of course, there's some bugfixes for everyone, as usual.

Grab everything here!

PS. The 7.1.2 Beta is mostly stable, it has undergone a lot of testing - however, I am keeping it a beta as its future shape and direction is currently highly uncertain. If you like to live on the bleeding edge, however - go ahead! It shouldn't break your world too much.


BuildCraft 7.0.21 Stable

Backported from 7.1:

  • Blueprint Library GUI improvements (asie)
  • Clay fluid pipe (asie)
  • Fluid pipe capacity scaling with fluidMultiplier (asie)
  • Zone Planner improvements (dynamic texture, zooming in) (asie)

Bugs fixed:

  • [#2939] Quarry makes server crash when used and chunkloading is off in some cases (asie)
  • Builder inconsistently respecting OreDict (knexer)
  • ClassCastException when trying to plant reeds (hea3ven)
  • Random minor crashes (asie)

BuildCraft 7.1.2 Beta


  • A flywheel. Converts pulse-based power to constant power like normal RF is (asie)


  • Restore pulse-based power generation. Back to being in line with Forestry and RailCraft! (asie)
  • Stripes pipes need power to break blocks now. (Of course, autarchic gates still count.) (asie)
  • Tweaks to power adapters. (asie)

Bugs fixed:

  • [#2956] PipePluggable leaking state on the client (asie)
  • [#2954] Pipe wires not working right (asie)
  • [#2952] SMP crashes with ItemPipes (asie)
  • [#2951] Obsidian Pipes not working with Power Adapters in some cases (asie)