New version of BuildCraft and Compat today! In BC, we have backported some of 7.1's subtler fixes and its new Delivery Robot system - go check it out, as well as fixed some very long-standing issues with composite blueprints and filler behaviour. In Compat, EnderStorage builder support and compatibility with Pam's HarvestCraft's right-click crop harvesting. Fun!

I have also removed BuildCraft 7.1.x from the downloads - it likely will not survive in its current form, and I urge you not to use it for new servers. For existing servers, there will be a semi-clean upgrade path from the 7.1.x betas to a future BuildCraft release around the time we backport the improved Lists. Sorry for the trouble. (We're also going to backport the improved Pipe Wire logic very soon, but it needs further testing.)

Download the new 7.0.x releases here.


BuildCraft 7.0.23


  • Rewritten robots request system (hea3ven)
  • Changed the IRequestProvider api to be independent of robots.
  • Delivery robots can now carry more than an item at a time.
  • Builders, requesters and docking stations can now request more than one item at a time.
  • Architect Tables are less server-intensive now (asie)
  • More Ore Dictionary support for recipes (Adaptivity)
  • Proper Docking Station renderer (asie)

Bugs fixed:

  • [#3008] Rare crash on strange Minecraft world in MapChunk (asie)
  • [#3007] "Energy Stored" trigger has incorrect behaviour (asie)
  • [#3001] NPE in RobotStationPluggableRenderer (asie)
  • [#2922, #2975] Composite blueprints not working (asie)
  • [#2565] Fillers not liking certain blocks (asie)
  • Fillers and Builders not dropping item on inability to place (asie)
  • Quarry arm jitter on client side (asie)
  • Robots not using the correct sides when accessing inventories/tanks (hea3ven)

BuildCraftCompat 7.0.12


  • EnderStorage support for Builders (knexer)
  • Improved Pam's HarvestCraft support for harvesting (right-click support!) (asie)