After over four months, it's finally here! BuildCraft 7 Stable!

I'd like to express thanks to everyone involved in this release:

  • hea3ven, who helped me develop this release and made the robots absolutely amazing,
  • CyanideX, who suffered with me and my picky taste to provide the new, fresh look of BuildCraft,
  • marcin212, magik6000 and all the other Starchasers bugtesters who ran BC 7 throughout its entire development process (yes, way before the public builds!) and helped find a reasonably large amount of bugs,
  • the #buildcraft IRC and the BuildCraft forums for being there and enjoying the mod,
  • everyone who has ever submitted an issue or pull request or even as much as contacted me - every word has an influence.

BuildCraft 7 is a great BuildCraft release, bringing additions and improvements in almost every area of the mod. Here are some highlights:

  • Modularization is back, for those pack developers who need a smaller subset of our functionality.
  • A fresh, new look by CyanideX! (Excluding robots. Those have, sadly, been delayed - due to time issues - but will make it to a later Stable release.)
  • Optimizations to fillers, builders, pipes, robots and other parts of the mod.
  • Pipes: round robin sorting in diamond pipes, weighting in diamond fluid pipes, massive stripes pipes powers, improved pipe rendering and colors!
  • Recipes: more expensive lists, less expensive pipe plugs
  • Silicon: New Assembly Table and Integration Table, ACT replaced by a CraftPacket-inspired Packager+Stamper system
  • Factory: Tanks get comparators now!
  • Robotics: New Zone Planner, improved trigger/action logic, fancy robot animations.
  • Paintbrushes! For some reason.
  • Tons of other little improvements and additions that would take up too much space.

The full changelog for BC 7.0.0-7.0.6 is available here. The 7.0.6-specific one is available on the downloads page.

Now, BuildCraft 7.0.6 would not be complete without a stable Compat. Here's what that brings, compared to the 6.4.x Compat:

  • Harvesting support: AgriCraft (+ planting), AppleMilkTea2, Witchery
  • BluePower: bundled cable and pipe output support
  • Forestry: better Builder support (engines, certain machines, stairs)
  • NEI: Better Integration Table support
  • RailCraft: better Builder support (stairs, slabs, tracks, detectors)
  • WAILA: Robot tooltips!

EDIT: BuildCraftCompat 7.0.5 is out, fixing a crash with Forestry 3.5.

We've also released BC 6.4.17 for those packs which can't move to BC 7 yet, fixing a dupe bug with robots. Keep in mind, however, that BC 6.4.x will be deprecated by the end of June.

Also, Armourer's Workshop is adding BC 7 robot support! Fun.

Grab everything here, as usual, but read the following warnings first!

BuildCraft 7 has some changes you might want to watch out for:

  • Generally, your world and map will work fine and upgrade properly bar a few exceptions. However, downgrading is impossible.
  • If you have any custom config options, the config format and filename changed for both BC and Compat, so look into those.
  • The Quarry is now in the Builders module, as opposed to BC 3.x and below when it was in the Factory module.
  • Robots now only pull items and fluids out from wooden or emerald pipes.
  • Drop Items in Pipe has been combined with Accept Items.
  • The Crafter robot has been removed as it was deemed to be useless.
  • Flower harvesting from Robots has been removed due to bugs it caused.
  • Lava in the Combustion Engine doesn't burn (!?) anymore. Use the Stirling Engine.
  • The Advanced Crafting Table is deprecated, but not removed yet. You might want to upgrade your setups.
  • You can no longer put Lists inside Lists. Listception.

You also need to update certain mods: Forestry 3.5.7+, Computronics 1.5.2+ and BCA have new BC7 versions. As for Logistics Pipes, I have no idea. LP 0.9 seems to be ported already in the latest dev builds, not sure about the rest.

EDIT: You also need the latest versions of CCC/NEI for the Packages to render correctly.

Have fun! (Yes, modpacks: it's fine to upgrade to BC 7 now.)