A new beta this time, bringing BC 7.1 up to date with the 7.0 fixes and adding some improvements of its own!

This one is quite stable in day-to-day use, I'm primarily releasing it as I will be focusing on some larger changes/additions now so there might not be another release for a while. Feel free to use! (Just don't complain if Logistics Pipes breaks. Yes, it will.)

Download here!



  • [#2345] Finish adding command localization (asie, warlordjones)
  • Builders are a bit smarter now (asie)
  • Flood Gates now have configurable sides. No idea when I fixed that, but it works now. (asie)
  • Lists
    • Lists now accept empty Lists for sorting (asie)
    • Minor GUI tweaks (asie)
    • Support for sorting armor and tools by type (asie)
  • Robots can now be destroyed via swords and projectiles (asie)
  • Zone Planner GUIs now support zooming in (asie)

Bugs fixed:

  • [#2948] Precise damage checking not working (asie)
  • [#2925] Rails on gravel not placing correctly (asie)
  • Force/Forbid Robot statements not accepting lists (asie)
  • Hovering over slot causing incorrect item lighting (asie)
  • Tweaks to lens/filter behaviour to stop a pretty odd "lens/filter diode" bug (asie)