Okay. First off, I'd like to really, really, really apologize for the spam of BuildCraft updates in the past week. Since we recently lost our testing team, it has become much harder to properly proof-check new features prior to release. I am working on building a new testing setup, however. This release has been triggered specifically by a major bug in the oil biome configuration, which stopped a lot of packs from updating.

Anyway, with that off the way, more bugfixes! Yay! Grab them here!

Also, there has recently been work underway to create an unofficial port of BuildCraft to Minecraft 1.8. While the official BuildCraft releases are currently staying on 1.7.10, you can see the efforts here.



  • Improvements to /buildcraft command (asie)
  • New robot board texture (asie)

Bugs fixed:

  • [#3050] Oil biome configs not changing from defaults (asie)
  • Rare crash with engines (asie)
  • Rare crash with facade rendering (asie)
  • Very rare rendering glitch with items in BC pipes (asie)