After 1.5 years and at least three porting attempts, the last of which has been ongoing for the past half a year, I'm pleased to announce that we are finally releasing an official port of BuildCraft for Minecraft 1.8.9. (Well, a beta, anyway.)

Please note, however, that bugs may still be lurking. It has received a large amount of care, effort and testing, but due to the large changes required to get a satisfactory 1.8 version out, we cannot promise everything will be fully stable at this point in time. Do not let that keep you from enjoying the mod, though - download it and have fun!

I'd also like to thank AlexIIL for his massive amounts of effort, without which BuildCraft's move to 1.8 would have been very difficult, if not impossible. (I mean it.)

Also, we finally have a proper release of BuildCraftCompat for 7.2.0. As most mods which it added compatibility for are not yet ported, the support is limited to Just Enough Items, MineTweaker/CraftTweaker, WAILA and Iron Chests. Nonetheless, I believe it will come in handy. :)

Download it here!


BuildCraft 7.2.0

NOTE: This changelog is likely incomplete. There have been a lot of little changes in the mod which may not have been caught properly.


  • Ported to Minecraft 1.8.9. This took a lot more effort than we ever expected.
  • Detailed client-side configuration - lets you change a lot of client-side options. Advanced users only! (AlexIIL)


  • Rendering
    • Builder now shows if a blueprint or template is inserted (AlexIIL)
    • Clear lenses now use a water texture (AlexIIL)
    • Engines are now a static/dynamic mix, meaning they are less FPS-taxing (AlexIIL)
    • Laser beams now have a wider minimum size, improving far away lasers (AlexIIL)
    • Pipes are now shaded properly - yay for ambient occlusion! (AlexIIL)
    • Power in pipes is now animated, showing its direction (AlexIIL)
    • Slight tweaks to many textures across the mod (asie, AlexIIL)
    • Things now have somewhat more 3D models (gates, docking stations, builders, fillers at least) (AlexIIL)
    • The Builder has an icon showing if a gate has turned it off. (AlexIIL)
    • The Filler has an icon showing if a gate is locking the pattern, or if it is in a different mode to normal. (AlexIIL)
    • The entire frame for the quarry is now transparent, matching the texture of the frame block (AlexIIL)
    • The quarry frame lights properly depending on the light value of the block each part is in (AlexIIL)
  • Transport
    • Gates now let you drag and drop triggers and actions! Lists of them are available to the sides (AlexIIL)
  • Support for Minecraft's statistics system (AlexIIL)


  • The deprecated (pre-BC 7.0) version of the List (asie)
  • The Recipe Packager and Stamping Table. They may come back in a different form (asie)

BuildCraftCompat 7.2.0

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.8.9, which means the compatibility list has been emptied!


  • JustEnoughItems support for the Assembly and Integration Table (asie, AlexIIL)
  • Ported MineTweaker, WAILA and Iron Chests support (asie)