EDIT: Hotfix time! Grab 7.2.2 instead of 7.2.1. Some scary bugs lurked in at the last minute.

Here's another beta! It doesn't fix every reported 1.8 bug - there's simply too many - but it fixes a chunk sufficiently large to justify a new beta.

Download it here!


Everything from 7.1.16, as well as:


  • Rendering
    • Massive FPS boost via caching commonly used models and sub-models of pipes (AlexIIL)
    • Moved pipe wire rendering into the TESR, now it won't kill your FPS when wire state changes rapidly.
  • Add the option to change detailed client-side configuration inside of resourcepacks- any option that contains a "|" (say "gui.filler|extra.modeFirst") can be changed via creating a resource pack with "assets/buildcraftconfig/gui/" and adding a line "extra.modeFirst="

Bugs fixed:

  • [#3258] Robots lack a collision box (asie)
  • [#3251] Duplicate achievement IDs (AlexIIL)
  • [#3249] Engine overheat texture missing (asie)
  • [#3248] Crafting a paintbrush with a dye gives an undyed paintbrush (asie)
  • [#3247] Blueprint Library being considered wood rather than iron (asie)
  • [#3239] Fix most new 1.8 blocks and entities not working in the builder (asie)
  • [#3236] Mining well pipes can be collided with (asie)
  • [#3233] Fix some blocks rendering incorrectly in third person (asie)
  • [#3227] Fix engines not rotating properly client-side (asie)
  • [#3224] Fix colouring pipes not updating their neighbours (asie)
  • [#3240] Fix wrenching the middle of a pipe not rotating the pipe (asie)
  • [#3234] Fix egines not properly powering machines on multiple sides (asie)
  • [#3232, #3159, #3211] Fix misc robot issues (asie)
  • Gates not updating neighbours properly (asie)
  • Pluggable placement not refreshing neighbours at times (asie)